My Trendy Kit

Introducing MyTrendyKit ™, the brand new gel manicure kit that lets you DIY your own gel nails in the comfort of your own home. Gel manicures are a revolution in the beauty industry – a long lasting, glossy finish that lasts for weeks without chipping or damaging your nails. A manicure with MyTrendyKit ™ is fast and easy to do by yourself. Gel polish applies like regular nail polish. And with the LED lamp included, you can 'cure' the gel in 30 seconds. No drying time! In about 15 minutes, you get a gorgeous finish that will last up to two weeks! The result is a beautiful manicure with brilliant color, and a durable and shiny finish. Now you can give yourself a professional gel manicure at just a fraction of the cost!
MyTrendyKit ™,全新的甲油胶美甲套装,让您在家中就可以舒适享受甲油胶美甲DIY带来的无限乐趣。
甲油胶美甲是美容行业的一场革新-- 它可以让你的指甲光泽丝毫无损地持久数周。
MyTrendyKit ™让迅速便捷的美甲过程成为现实。甲油胶就如常规的指甲油一样使用,同时包含了LED灯,您可以30秒内照干甲油胶。根本无需烘干!大约二十分钟内,你的指甲就会变得靓丽光洁,并可以持续两周。颜色绚丽,持久闪亮。


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